I've been meaning to write something about Arashi for a while, since 2019 is my 10th year of being their fan.
Of course, I had no idea I would have written it on the day they annouced an indefinite hiatus.

Nobody cares about the details, and my story is the story of many of us.
I stumbled into JE and, consequently, into Arashi, by total chance, on the summer before starting university. It wasn't an easy summer, for me, since a few things happened - nothing serious, but my heart was broken.
I perfectly remember moments when I was listening the few Arashi songs I had on my music player, the first I've ever listened to (my memory is shit but I still remember them: A.ra.shi, Believe, Crazy Moon, everything and season).
I had a little folder with some pvs and subbed snippets from their shows I got from youtube (you could still find something on youtube, and I still had no idea liveournal and subbing communities existed), and I watched them A LOT.
I remember watching Hanadan for the first time, or the exact day I started watching Maou. I remember starting My Girl and watching most of it on youtube on Sundays. I remember getting really emotional when the My Girl PV (the first single since I became a fan) came out. Or watching the Troublemaker one on repeat.
Those first times are of course the ones that are stuck into my memory the most. But I have 10 years of precious memories.
Arashi have been with me during the difficult years of university, and after that when my anxiety got worse because I thought I'd never find a job and saw no future for me. The've always been the safe place I could go back to, the good part of a bad day.
My life doesn't revolve around them, I have friends, things to do, I like other stuff too.
But they've been, they ARE so important, to me. They are like family, like some very close friends.
I don't know them, I'll probably never even see them live, but, still, I love them and wish the best for them. I want them to do whatever they want to do with their lives, to be happy, to have a family if they want it, to stay single if that's the path they choose for themselves.
I am sad about this hiatus, I'll spend the next 2 years crying whenever I see them and, from 2021, I'll be even sadder.
No matter what I'll do in the future or what kind of person I'm going to be, I will always miss them.
But can we really ask them for more, can we ask them to stay if they want to rest for a bit? We can't.
I hope that when they thank us, when they say they have recieved so much love, it's the actual truth.
I hope the good parts have always surpassed the bad ones.
Because they gave me, us, so much.

I love you, Arashi, and thank you.

The Subaru-Gate

I read the news about Subaru leaving Kanjani8 like... 10 minutes ago. I didn't know about the Friday article because currently my only source of news about K8 is tumblr and I don't check it every day. So I was taken by surprise.

I can't honestly say that it wasn't expected.
Subaru never liked being an idol, he got trought so much stuff, slumps and hard times in these years. There must have been multiple times when he did not agree with the musical direction the group was taking/was forced to take (Eightertainment, anyone?). Still he stuck with it, maybe for a sense of loyalty towards the members, the fans, I don't fucking know. Maybe because he just loved the members, and overall he enjoyed most of what he was doing?
I have no idea. Still, I'd be more shocked if, for example, someone like, idk, Hina, or Maru announced something like this.

What is weird, what rubs me in the wrong way, it's the damn timing. This was NOT the moment to leave. There are 2 movies promotions that are about to start, Ohkura's drama will start airing in a few days, they fucking annuonced that 2018 was Eito Year or whatever, they are about to realease a Best Of album, they are going to have a goddamn tour in the summer, to which Subaru won't partecipate.
The timing is so wrong.
And we can talk about him now liking the musical direction etc, but... recently K8 have been writing A LOT of their songs. Subaru himself, in the last year, entirely wrote one song for a single and one for the album. They were FINALLY going to get recognized as a band and not as just idols, esp. after the Metrock performance. Thanks to Kanjam they're performing with HUGE artists, getting recognized as musicians. Hell, if I remember correctly they recorded a performance with the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. One with Hakase Taro too.
The last tour, they performed as a band for one hout straight, which never happened before.
I don't know, I had the feeling that something huge was coming for them, and that now it all went into shit.

I get why he's doing this, and I applaude him for having the courage to just... go away and pursue his dreams or whatever he's going to do. Even if the moment is not the best, even if for the group is probably a shit-move.
He was the very 1st K8 member that caught my eyes (and my ears: I loved his voice since the 1st time I heard it), has been my favourite member for months, and after that, I've always had a soft spot for him.
Subaru was SO important for the group's music and dynamics, I honestly don't know how everything will be from now on. I don't know how old and new songs will sound, without him. How the group interactions will be.

Aaaand I just thought about the intro of Osaka Romanesque sung by someone else, and now I'm really crying. Bye.
嵐 - Neen

Winter 2018's dramas

It was, overall, a really nice season (finally!), even though, as always, I didn't manage to watch everything that was on my watchlist: I've only watched 2 episodes of Repeat (which didn't seem bad, so I'll finish it when I have time) and Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumitsuita is being subbed in these days, so I'm going to wait. The one with Ichihara Hayato didn0t get any subs but I haven't heard anyone talking about it, so maybe it was nothing special.

99.9 Season 2
I haven't finished it yet, but I can already say that I have loved every second of it. It's so dumb and clever at the same time, well written, well acted, never boring and did I mention dumb?? It's just a lot of fun, I love it.
And I appreciate that they changed up things a bit from the previous season, both with adding Ozaki (who I probably like even more than Tachibana) and with exploring a different problem of Japanese legal system (the judges); also, in the first season you could guess who the culprit was in the middle of the episode, this time I feel it was harder. So yeah, the general scheme and feel was the same, but with some small changes, so I didn't get the feel of seeing season 1 all over again.
It was good that in the first episodes they talked again about Miyama's father case, for once we have a Jdrama that actually ends without leaving something to the imagination!
Anyway, I loved it so much. I would watch many more seasons, but I get that would be hard to make XD

Nogi Akiko keeps delivering. When she writes this kind of dramas (focused on some job and the characters relationships) she produces jewels. Do I give a fuck about forensic pathologists? Very little. Did I love this drama? Absolutely yes. It's just the way the characters were written, the way they interacted, the relationships between them. This time there was also some kind of mystery, so even better.
It's still not at the level of Soratobu Kouhoushitsu (because there we had that beautiful love story too and the characters were TOO GOOD), but still, a beautiful drama.
I loved Mikoto (and I appreciate a lot that in the last years Ishihara Satomi is playing something different from the "dumb pretty chick in love"), Rokuro was a lil cute puppy, and while at the beginning I really didn't get Nakado, after like... 2 episodes, I started liking him a lot too.

Todome no Kiss
Okay. It was trash, but the good kind of trash, and it also had some nice points (Yamazaki Kento's face being one of them).
The plot was... not dumb, but with some cliches. Guy with ruined childhood becomes a jerk who only cares about money, is hot, find a dumb rich girl and tries to "catch" her. The good thing was the time slips and, most of all, how they used them. I think they used the time travelling stuff in a very clever way, because the more the story went on, the more "complex" everything got, and in the end the drama was never once predictable.
The ending really surprised me as well, and I really liked how they decided to do it. I did not expect that.
So yeah, not a masterpiece, the characters were a bit weak, but overall I enjoyed it, especially towards the end.

I'll be quick: everything was waaaaay over the top, for my liking. I get that was their intention, that the manga is like that too, but I prefer something different. Characters that weird and exasperated are just hard to connect with.
I'm not saying it was bad, I still watched it without problems (some bits were fun too), but it's not my cup of tea.

Drama Season - Winter 2018

If this winter is going to be anything like this past fall, I'm putting on this list way more dramas than what I'll actually watch. Both because of lack of time and lack of subs (luckily, few of the dramas that were on my watchlist this fall are being subbed now, so I'm sloooowly watching them).
Anyway, these are the titles I'm most interested in.

Collapse )
TV Shows - Haikyuu!!

Late (as always) talk about last season's dramas

I better write this post now, before I forget everything about what I've watched. Once again, I was most surprised by things I didn't expect anything from!

Kahogo no Kahoko
I have one word: adorable.
Who writes the plots need to be fired, because I was expecting something totally different: an episodical drama about an overprotected but kind girl who solved random people's problems (something like Bartender). Lucky me, it wasn't like that.
Yeah, Kahoko is overprotected and her family (especially her mother) is quite toxic, she doesn't know how to live but she's oh so kind and full of love. We can say she's almost stupid. But it's that kind of character that I am unable to hate. She reminds me a little of the main character from Fruits Basket, Toru, so nice that she can be considered dumb, but that you can't help but love. Kahoko, for me, is like that. She's adorable and super fun. Aaand after meeting Hajime she somehow helps her family to solve its problems (they are many).
I read that a lot of people skipped this drama because they're sick of girls that find their own purpose only when they meet a guy, and that are useless without him. But Kahoko isn't like that??? The only thing Hajime does is helping her opening her eyes, and understand that she is actually able to think with her own head and not be totally dependent from her mother.
They were an adorable couple and I love them.
The family member were all full of issues and I hardly suffered them. From her mother's family the onlydecent person was the grandmother, the others were all awful. The father's side wasn't normal either, but in the end I liked them more. Kahoko's mother was so full of problems, despotic and just toxic.
Despite the family, I loved Kahoko (and Hajime) so much that I liked this drama a lot!

Akira to Akira
I watched it for the eye-candy (sometimes I forget how beautiful Mukai Osamu is) but I actually liked it.
It's like Hanzawa Naoki, since they talk a loooot about banks, shares, companies etc, but this one also focuses on the personal lives of the two main characters, so it's not only "business" related.
If you liked Hanzawa Naoki or you found it sometimes too boring or hard to understand, definitely watch this! Also, it's only 9 episodes long ;)

Gomen, Aishiteru
Since it's a remake of a korean melodrama, I wasn't expecting to fall in love with it, but man if it was boring.
Most of the episodes were 1 hour long, the story was slow (I can't imagine how boring was the koran one then, with 10 episodes more), the characters were all tedious, there was no plot twist because we know from the start the guy is going to die... boring.
The only upside was Nagase's beautiful face.

Uchi no Otto wa Shigoto ga Dekinai (dropped)
Only the first 5 episodes have been subbed, but it's not a problem because, when the subber stopped, I took the chance and dropped the drama. In 5 episodes nothing happened, the message seems to be "it doesn't matter if you suck at your job and cause actual problems to your company, you are very nice so they're stupid to not understand you", which is bullshit. The characters are all unsufferable, the wife of the main characters is so stupid it hurts, and the main character is quite stupid too. I just don't care about this drama at all.