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About spring dramas

Just some quick thoughts about the dramas I've watched this spring. It was overall a good season because, even if I didn't watch many things, they were all okay. At least I didn't drop anything! And there was one particular drama that I really, REALLY enojoyed.

Speaking of the Devil. Litterally.
I loved it. And for the first 3 episodes I was quite obsessed with it (3rd episode is still one of my favourites, Neen was amazingly scary douring the operation scene).
Anyway. The drama was well written, intense especially in the first episodes, and yeah, it's quite unrealistic that this genius doctor can do anything and save his colleagues' asses all the time. I read some complaints about that here and there, but... let's not forget it's a 10 episodes drama. I mean, they manage to do n seasons of House based on the same bullshit all the time (plus absurd diseases), so we really can't complain too much. At least, I won't.
Also because, in the end, they show us that Tokai... isn't invincible. He's human, he makes mistakes. Other than being a complete asshole. But a hot one so we forgive him. I love Tokai, I don't care. I've been having the hugest crush on him and, consequently, on Neen.
I liked Sera and the nurse Miwa, both too pure to be working in that hospital.
I loved Takashina, who is a Sbirulino and kinda pure too. In his own way. He's still a turncoat. But he's cute. Fave thing: his face when Tokai says that Sera is on "a date with a woman" (ep. 8). Also! Also! Loved the scene in episode... 3, I think? where Tokai deletes Takashina's datas and research because he had already found the right route for the SNIPE (another fave), and Takashina is about to beat his ass up. Beautiful.
So, I really enjoyed it.
Prayer circle for Teika's Dr. Takeda, who knew Tokai for... 2 days? And got PSTD from the experience.
And remember, the SNIPE can be used by anybody.
Remember also that Dr. Tokai is an Attractive Son Of a Bitch.

The plot was cool, the writing was cool, the cast was okay too.
My problem with this drama is that I already watched the Korean version, and the Japanese one was, of course, exactly the same. Shorter, more fast paced (the Kdrama was at least 16 episodes long, maybe even more). But the story is the same, and for a thriller is not the best. I enjoy the story, the idea behind Signal, but, obviously, I didn't watch this version looking forward to the next episode, since... I already knew what was going to happen.
So it's not the drama's fault, just the fact that I already knew almost everything.
But! If you haven't watched the Korean version and are looking for some good thriller, give this one a shot, I think the story is cool.

It's clearly based on the English tv show, but, of course, it can't be the same thing. For the budget, the writing, the production, the actors involved. Which aren't even bad, but... the one from the original are on another level.
Still, if you enjoy Sherlock and are okay with watching a female version of it, it's not a bad drama. A bit over the top sometimes, but I enjoyed it. Minus the last 2 episodes maybe. The final case was not the best. But overall it was okay, I expected something terrible to be honest.
Oh, and it's worth watching it if onyl for how cool Takeuchi Yuko was.

This one was from last winter, I think, but I only managed to watch it when the srping season was over.
It was surprisingly good? The idea behind it was cool, and they played it fairly well for most part of the drama. I'll be honest, at some point I was more invested in the 2 main characters the the actual plot but OKAY.
It was intriguing enough that I wanted to know what was going to happen next.
I hated the ending, though. It broke my heart and it was unnecessary, in my opinion. I think they wanted to make people suffer, in the end. It also made me think "why did I spend tot. hours watching this", because the ending kind of... vanished the purpose ofeverything that happened so far. I hope it's not a huge spoiler, but it was kinda like Lost.
Also, the bad guy's reasons were dumb.

Kudo Kankuro writes some weird hilarious shit ("Gomenne Seishun" I miss you) and I definitely want to watch more of his works.
This drama was stupid in the best way, meaning that it was a sequence of weird characters and funny scenes. The problem is that... it was somehow too funny, too weird, and I had a hard time empathizing with the characters. I liked them but I didn't care that much because they were all weird XD
I also found the story a tad confusing and slow, especially at the beginning.
But it was overall good and quite fun. Ah, and I got a bit emotional at the end, the ending was really good ♥

So! That's everything I've been watching lately. Yesterday I watched the 1st episode of "Seigi no Se" and seemed okay, and I also plan to watch, when I have time, Ossan's Love, since everybody loved it. Plus all the "older" dramas I still have to watch. And the new ones. Ugh.
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