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Dramas random blabblings

Just random thoughts about dramas I've recently finished or I'm watching right now, + Aiba because everything Aiba related is good and nice and Important.

Aiba's spring drama has been confirmed!! I'm so happy. Because a) Aiba, and b) it seems like he'll be playing a role a bit... different? from his usual ones. Not so good, not so cheerful and pure. That's a nice change, it was about time! I hope he'll do nice! But I think he'll be alright, he proved that, with a good script and a good director, he can be a good actor. I know most people says that he can't act, but most people didn't bother to watch Last Hope or his last butai so :D :D (I honestly think he was good in Yokoso Wagaya e too. And in My Girl, of course. Bartender and Mikeneko were more weak but they were weak dramas in general...)
Anyway! I can't wait to see him playing a rich, arrogant bastard who takes the merit for his subordinates' work and goes around seducing ladies! Can you imagine??? I'm thinking about the outfits he might have in the drama and I'm already in tears. I'm going to die. We're all going to.

tumblr_inline_mynerzo8r41rh7826.gifThere was the rumor about a second season of 99.9, which would be nice because I enjoyed the drama. It was fun and interesting, well writtend and full of weird people! Sada san I miss you. Lawyer Blueberry I miss you too. I don't think the rumor is actually true though. Too bad.

tumblr_inline_mynerzo8r41rh7826.gif I always have troubles talking about Korean dramas when I write about the Japanese ones I've just finished, because the dates are totally different, but I wanted to write few words about Goblin because I really enjoyed it! It had one big (VERY big, in my opinion) flaw, because the main couple was the Goblin, a 900 years old creature who looks like a 40 yo - VERY ATTRACTIVE - man, and a... 17-18 years old girl. Why. Whyyyyy. She could have been few years older and the story would have been the exact same. There was a scene when they went on a date and she was wearing her school uniform for God's sake! So yeah, totally not interested in the main romance (I was only in the last episodes), there was some big power/age imbalance that... ew.
But! Besides that! It was really good. The general plot was nice, the whole "what happened in the past and who is who now" thing was really interesting. And the last episode made me cry a bucket.
Also SUCH QUALITY FACES. THE SUPERIOR AESTHETICS. Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook are so damn attractive it's unfair. Also their characters were one of the best things of the show.
The soundtrack (esp 1, 2, 3, 4) was pretty good too!
Definitely check it out if you have time! At worst, you'll have watched Gong Yoo's face for 16 episodes, which is a beautiful way to spend your time, if you ask me.

Winter Jdramas! I'm watching 3 of the ones that were in my to-watch list, and so far it's going well.
tumblr_inline_mynerzo8r41rh7826.gifQUARTET. You can see the hand of the scriptwriter, because, like in Saikou no Rikon, the characters are quite peculiar. Together they are terrible and at the same time perfect. It's fun, less that SnR, and there's some mystery too. I've only watched 2 episodes, but I'm really enjoying it. And Mitsushima Hikari is sooooo good, I like her a lot.
tumblr_inline_mynerzo8r41rh7826.gifTOTSUZEN DESU GA, ASHITA KEKKON SHIMASU. Ok, I started it expecting nothing, and honestly it's you somehow-usual romantic drama. But I enjoy some romance, eh, so it's nice. The premises are not the best, main girl's dream is to get married and become a housewife... which is a thing that I can't understand (and I think that in a place like Japan, where most of the women still feel like that's their purpose in life, it's not the best message), but I also think that one of the meanings of feminism is that every woman should feel free to do with her life whatever the hell she wants.
But why am I talking about serious stuff??
The thing that caught me the most in this drama is the male protagonist. Of couse. I'm a weak sinner. He is so sweet??? Has the nicest voice ever??? And his smile??? The actor is actually a singer and this is his first time acting, and he's quite good. But mostly so cute??? Send help.
It's one of those cases of #iwatchitfortheplot. Joking, I'm enjoying the romance too. (I remembered that Nishiuchi Mariya was a better actress tho? Idk).
tumblr_inline_mynerzo8r41rh7826.gifTOKYO TARAREBA MUSUME. Once again, nothing ground-breaking. But I like this kind of dramas, there's nothing I can do about it! I have to admit that most of the time I don't like that much the heroine, but the general message of the drama (you have to step on, to challenge yourself, to DO stuff, if you want to succeed. Not just in love, but in your job and in life in general) hits home, at least for me.
So far it's a nice watch. And Sakaguchi Kentaro has a really nice face too (again, a weak woman).

That's all. I just wanted to write down some thoughts. What are you watching this winter? Are you excited about sexy-rich-arrogant-Aiba? Because I surely am.
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