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[review] Arashi - Are You Happy? AKA Aiba is the God of Eros

After "The Digitalian" and "Japonism", I had high expectations for this one, since I loved both those albums.
The theme itself, "happiness" it's nice and promising, but we all know, by now, that Arashi don't exactly follow a theme for the whole album, just for few songs (for example, in this one there are quite a few songs that are not happy at all). But! The covers are adorable, and that's important.
What about the music? The whole album is a grower, the sings that caught my attention at the 1st listening were just 3 or 4. For most of the others, I needed more time.
Overall, it's a very... relaxed (not relaxing, tho) album, and I like it.
I really enjoyed the fact that each of them "supervised" a song other than the solo, because you can clearly see a lot of that person in "his" song.

Drive: it's one of those songs of the album that, after the 1st listening, didn't tell me much and also kinda disappointed me, since, you know, the 1st song should be... I don't know, stonger? With more impact? It gives you the general feel of the album. The thing is that "Drive" does exactly this! It's a very chill song that perfectly represents the whole album. Not too flashy, not too fast. Now I like it a lot, especially the build up right before the refrain! Also, it reminds me a lot of "Fukkatsu LOVE".

Ups and Downs: this one reminds me a lot of the "early" Arashi, that kind of sound that, I admit, I don't particulary like. Still I love this song. I was tidying up my wardrobe for the winter while listening to the album, and I realized that I kept replaying this one, because I was surprised by how much I enjoyed. The best part is absolutely the refrain, The lyrics are really nice too!

Seishun Boogie: Aiba proves once again he is a gift. Because the song he "supervised" is one of my favourites of the album. I love it! It has that kind of "old school" feeling, it could totally be a song from older Johnny's like Shounentai or Macchy san. And I mean it in a good way, since it's a sound I really, really enjoy. I hope thay'll dance it at the concerts! I'm imagining something like last year's "Masquerade" (hopefully without the hideous hats!)

Sunshine (Sho solo): Sho keeps delivering! Lately he's being putting out of the hat a lot of lovely solos! This one is nice, upbeat, happy and with beautiful lyrics! The refrain is ♥♥

Amore (Aiba solo): message to Aiba:

Jesus Christ. Okay. When I listened to it for the first time, I immediately liked it, it's nice, upbeat, kinda a mix of a Higashiyama-like song and an anime opening. And Aiba kept saying "amore", so everything was good. Then I read the lyrics. Once again, I asked myself how is it possible that there are still people who thinks Aiba is just an innocent snowflake who only cares about baby animals and being silly, when, actually, he is Walking Sex. The God of Eros.
This song is SEXY. A lot. And listening yo Aiba singing it into your ears, with actually knowing what he's saying, is An Experience.
This year too, I'm not worthy.

Bad Boy (Ohno solo): ... ok, no. Aside from the fact that using so much autotune in an Ohno's solo is a crime and a waste because he has the voice of angel, but I really don't like the song ;_; I mean, it reminds me of Hina's solo from Genki ga Deru and THAT'S BAD.
At least he'll dance a lot and be hot and amazing at the lives?

WONDER-LOVE: weird. At first I didn't like it at all, but it's a total grower. In a few days I was singing the refrain in my head all day long. I still think it's a weird song, and not my favourite genre, but I like it. It's still bugs me that it pratically doesn't have any sort of climax, tho.

Mata Kyo to Onaji Hi ga Kuru (Nino solo): can he stop with these long-ass titles. Last year was so nice and easy, just "music". Anyway, SUPER WEIRD. Neen is into this kind of style, this year (he supervised Wonder-Love). Once again, it's not my favourite king od song, but I can't say that I don't like it. I enjoy it, but it's not that song that I look for. The lyrics are beautiful, this time too. Really curious about the lives!

Baby Blue (Jun solo): growing old, J is becoming SO soft, I love it. Baby blueberry. This solo is very un-like him, and I like that he's trying something different. Not my favourite song of the album, I find it kinda forgettable, but it's still a nice one. Soft, precious blueberry.

Miles away: what is happiness. I love this one. The song itself is nice, beautiful myrics, beautiful melody, but the amazing thing is how the lines were distributed and how they sang them! Ohno did an amazing job, he should produce way more of their songs. Really, I have no words, it's just... beautiful. Their voices are beautiful. Everything is beautiful.

To my homies: I expected something totally different. Instead I got some kind of love letter to fans and friends similar to "Genki ga Deru" by Kanjani8 (that I find way better). This one is no way bad, even though I find the refrain a tiny bit repetitive, but I've listened to better stuff and I expected more, honestly. Lyrics are beautiful tho, and I probably cry while watching the DVD.

Don't You Get It?: dancing-on-the-sofa-song. This one is a grower too, because at the beginning I didn't like it that much and found the refrain kinda noisy XD The MV and the lives helped a lot (love them, by the way. The dance is so stupid, I love them all).

Two to Tango: sexy sexy sexyyyyyyy. I expect a lot from the lives DON'T LET ME DOWN ARASHI. All that rap. Unf.
I admit I expected a liiiiiiitle more from this one too, but it's okay, I still like it.
Don't. Let. Me. Down.

In conclusion, it's a nice album. Sure, it's not a "Time" or a "Digitalian" (probably my favourites Arashi albums) but it's very enjoyable, especially after some time. Glad to see they're still trying something new, even while going back, from time to time, to older sounds. It's nice. And the whole "supervising" thing is definitely interesting, I'd like to see more of that in the future.

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