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01 July 2025 @ 06:57 pm

Aiba Masaki is the only man ever.
Arashi ♥ 5 is my treasure number ♥

Kanjani8 - The Untamed/CQL/MDZS - NCT Dream - VIXX - EXO
Haikyuu - Fruits Basket
Manga & anime - J/Kdramas

Randomly spazzing even tho I sometimes disappear.
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11 July 2019 @ 06:15 pm
I totally didn't realize it was already time for this post: from last season I'm just starting to watch something (1 drama, the one with Yoshitaka Yuriko) now because before there were no subs, so I had no idea spring dramas have been over for a while XD
This season, as you can see from my choices, I am in need for some romantic/shoujo shit. Don't ask me why, I don't know XD
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That's... a lot of stuff. But I'll probably watch half of it either because they end up being no good or, more easily, because they won't get subbed XD
14 April 2019 @ 02:38 pm
I have to say, I'm not really excited about anything from this season. In case, it will be a good chance for catching up on old stuff~
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27 January 2019 @ 11:58 am
I've been meaning to write something about Arashi for a while, since 2019 is my 10th year of being their fan.
Of course, I had no idea I would have written it on the day they annouced an indefinite hiatus.

Nobody cares about the details, and my story is the story of many of us.
I stumbled into JE and, consequently, into Arashi, by total chance, on the summer before starting university. It wasn't an easy summer, for me, since a few things happened - nothing serious, but my heart was broken.
I perfectly remember moments when I was listening the few Arashi songs I had on my music player, the first I've ever listened to (my memory is shit but I still remember them: A.ra.shi, Believe, Crazy Moon, everything and season).
I had a little folder with some pvs and subbed snippets from their shows I got from youtube (you could still find something on youtube, and I still had no idea liveournal and subbing communities existed), and I watched them A LOT.
I remember watching Hanadan for the first time, or the exact day I started watching Maou. I remember starting My Girl and watching most of it on youtube on Sundays. I remember getting really emotional when the My Girl PV (the first single since I became a fan) came out. Or watching the Troublemaker one on repeat.
Those first times are of course the ones that are stuck into my memory the most. But I have 10 years of precious memories.
Arashi have been with me during the difficult years of university, and after that when my anxiety got worse because I thought I'd never find a job and saw no future for me. The've always been the safe place I could go back to, the good part of a bad day.
My life doesn't revolve around them, I have friends, things to do, I like other stuff too.
But they've been, they ARE so important, to me. They are like family, like some very close friends.
I don't know them, I'll probably never even see them live, but, still, I love them and wish the best for them. I want them to do whatever they want to do with their lives, to be happy, to have a family if they want it, to stay single if that's the path they choose for themselves.
I am sad about this hiatus, I'll spend the next 2 years crying whenever I see them and, from 2021, I'll be even sadder.
No matter what I'll do in the future or what kind of person I'm going to be, I will always miss them.
But can we really ask them for more, can we ask them to stay if they want to rest for a bit? We can't.
I hope that when they thank us, when they say they have recieved so much love, it's the actual truth.
I hope the good parts have always surpassed the bad ones.
Because they gave me, us, so much.

I love you, Arashi, and thank you.
12 January 2019 @ 07:28 pm
Not really THAT excited about anything in particular, let's hope my picks prove me wrong!
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10 July 2018 @ 12:00 pm
Just some quick thoughts about the dramas I've watched this spring. It was overall a good season because, even if I didn't watch many things, they were all okay. At least I didn't drop anything! And there was one particular drama that I really, REALLY enojoyed.

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