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01 July 2025 @ 06:57 pm
Italian. Studying Law. I spazz. A lot. Sigh.

Kanjani8 - Arashi - AAA

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24 December 2014 @ 10:01 am
There's not much to say.
Thanks for being the way you are, never change.

Happy birthday ♥

26 November 2014 @ 07:28 pm
Late, but I had a Tax Law exam to pass.

First of all, this album made me a happy girl. Because I was expecting nothing, since Popcorn was terrible and I only liked few tracks from LOVE; also, the fact that they announced it as an album with a lot of digital music scared me. A lot. I was ready to listen to an album full of copies of Intergalactic, really.
But. But. BUT!!! I was wrong *do do do doooom*

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15 October 2014 @ 07:05 pm
While VIXX make a perfect comeback, Eito release a new single \o/
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14 October 2014 @ 04:01 pm
Just making a list of what somehow caught my attention, but I don't know how many of these I'll actually watch until the end.
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10 August 2014 @ 11:15 am
I wanted to do something for Mugenday, which was 2 days ago, but somehow I lost track of time and ended up doing nothing -.-' I guess I'll just wait for their annyversary.

I'd like to write this kind of post more often, but I never do because of lack of time... and even when time isn't a problem, I still like to work as a full-time procrastinator. Anyway, the songs I'm obsessed with these days!

[Spoiler (click to open)]Kanjani8's Omoidama single is still stuck in my head, and I'm seriously considering to break my "do not buy Japanese singles anymore" rule and buy it because IT'S THAT GOOD. Omoidama is like a mix between BJ and All is well, with Subaru's voice goosebumps inducing near the end and... the whole song is just so well built and the lyrics are beautiful. Also, trumpet.

Mada Minu Chizu has been a bit of a grower, for me. The first listening didn't impress me that much, and I still find the refrain a bit... repetitive, maybe? But the rest of the song definitely makes up for it *-*
Aaaand, the song of all songs, the piece of musical perfection that is Junjou Koi Hanabi. I fell in love with it immediately, and with that I mean that, after the first 10 seconds, I was already doomed. THAT INTRO. THAT INSTRUMENTAL. THAT REFRAIN. IT'S BEAUTIFUL.
Eito always release B-sides that are like some hidden treasures, but THIS TIME. THIS SINGLE.
You have no idea how hard is to find streaming links for these
Mada Minu Chizu
Junjou Koi Hanabi

(Another great thing of this single were the brass band versions of King of Otoko and Omoidama *_*)
Their last single, ER2, was good too, but none of the songs are stuck in my head yet.

Finally they released the full version of Ken's song for Fated to Love you, which I've been waiting for weeks. It's so good and cute and he has such a sweet voice :')
I've been spending the last days singing it non-stop.

Talking about OSTs, these 3 are nice too.
Baek Ah Yeon - Morning of Canon (Fated to Love you)
Megan Lee - Ready for Love (Fated to Love you)
Chen - Best Luck (It's Ok, It's Love)
Nico Touches the Walls - Tenchi Gaeshi (Haikyuu!!) --> one day I'll properly talk about how this show is ruining my life week after week

Also, there are so many things I'm not liking about Sailor Moon's remake (the ridiculous art), but the opening isn't among those. Moonlight Densetsu is still the best of the best, but I like this one too.

Meanwhile, Leo is going around singing ballads and being a hot serial killer. Ugh.

Last but not least, the cutest thing of the year! Cute people with cute clothes in cute rooms singing a cute song with a cute dance ♥

(VIXX's Eternity, Arashi's Daremo Shiranai and B1A4's Solo Day are still stuck in my head. And because of LOVE DVD I'm back in my Yozora e no Tegami period)